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It’s Shanti’s 32nd birthday, she had a lovely feast with her friends and family. Life is good. But inside, there’s trouble brewing and the Shanti has no idea. Although she feels fine like her father Shanti is one of the 236 million adults in India with high blood pressure hypertension. Just like her refrigerator that’s on the fritz, Shanti’s heart is working overtime to get the job done. Nearly a couple of weeks later, she senses extreme discomfort while on commute to work and upon diagnosis discovers that she’s now a victim of hypertension. Nobody could understand how at the age of merely 32, she’s ailing through a chronic disease. It’s not just Shanti but hundreds and thousands of people in India, some as young as teenagers are on medications for hypertension.


Our heart acts as a pump in our body which delivers blood to all other systems inside the body through a well-developed network of pipes like arteries and blood vessels of all sizes. We don’t have any one particular factor to blame for as smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, physical inactivity, family history and increased age all collectively work together and contribute to the dampening of elasticity of our blood vessels. The more blood our heart has to pump through stiff narrowing arteries, the higher the blood pressure gets. When the force of the blood against our artery walls is too high, life threatening health problems can result. Problems like kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and even heart attacks can occur as a consequence and in some cases may even be fatal.

Can Shanti and those 236 million people get their blood pressure down before it’s too late?


An alarmingly huge part of the adult Indian population is ailing from hypertension. This translates into 29.8% of the entire population. This doesn’t only end up being fatal for many people but also makes you 4 times more likely to die from a stroke and 3 times more likely to die from heart disease. What’s worse is that even younger cohorts of the population are witnessing the effacing hypertension symptoms.

Now one may ask: when is blood pressure considered high and how do we improve control?

Normal blood pressure is where your systolic pressure or the top number is less than 120 and your diastolic pressure or the bottom number is less than 80. If you are below this level make sure you check your blood pressure at least twice a year. If your pressure is 120 to 139 / 80 to 89 you should monitor it closely and make healthy lifestyle changes. If you have a pressure of 140 / 90 or higher and you are not already being treated for high blood pressure, you should immediately seek medical attention. And if you are undergoing a treatment, make sure to take your prescribed medicines, ask your health care provider to check your blood pressure during visits or to check your own pressure. You can buy blood pressure cuffs at the touch of a button these days with online stores and pharmacies.

High blood pressure has few warning signs. It doesn’t wait until it’s too late to control your pressure, get your blood pressure checked regularly and swear by healthy lifestyle changes. Make health and wellness a mantra to swear by!!! Healthy lifestyle changes, slight tweaks in your habits supplemented by vitamins and supplements can go a long way in keeping you healthy.


In the recent times, with new studies being conducted for the matters of health, there’s been a rising interest in holistic treatments. These have led to a rise in therapies which combine traditional and complementary therapies for the treatment of regular and even some chronic diseases. Some of therapies curated by Wellness County experts especially for you are:

1. Ayura Origins Nature’s High BP Fix : AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Blood Fix is a natural wellness product that combines the goodness of Pathimukham wood, Lemongrass and Wild Tulsi. Rich in antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory properties, this health drink is the perfect way to keep your body healthy. We recommend that you drink Nature’s Blood Fix daily as a natural detox drink.

2. Krishna’s Herbal and Ayurveda High BP Care : Krishna’s high blood pressure care juice is beneficial in controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases etc. It is also very useful in clearing heart blockages. Key ingredients: sarpagandha – 12. 5 percent, bach – 25 percent, jatamansi – 25 percent, shankhpushpi – 12. 5 percent, rudraksha – 25 percent with permitted class ii preservative.

3. The Indian Chai – Arjun Tea for Good Heart Arjun tea for Good Heart is a herbal formulation for Abnormal Heart Rhythm. It helps to provide strength to heart muscles and improves the intensity of cardiac contractions. Similarly it removes occlusions from blood vessels and improves blood flow to the heart. Natural formula for detoxification. Arjun Tea also removes occlusions from blood vessels and improves blood flow to the heart.

4. Healthyhey Nutrition Terminalia Arjuna Bark Extract Arjuna Bark Extract capsules by Healthyhey Nutrition are made of 100% pure Arjuna Bark. They are 100% vegetarian and are free from GMO, gluten and soy.

5. Carmel Organics Manjistha/Majith Powder The Organic Manjistha Powder by Carmel Organics is 100% organic and has been extracted from a sustainable source. It is GMO free and kosher.

6. Dharishah Ayurveda CALM-HI for High Blood Pressure Dharishah Ayurveda’s CALM-HI promises a top quality product. It is infused with all natural herbs that are carefully selected from the traditional range that are especially beneficial for blood pressure and heart benefits.

7. fun2dealz Accu Full Body Relax and BP Control Paduka The Accu Paduka have been designed while bearing in mind all the pressure points of the feet so as to enhance your overall health.

8. Siddhayu Heart Yogue I Cardiovascular Supplement Heart Yogue is a scientifically-researched ‘healthy sweet bitters’ formula combining 18 rare herbs and fruits that lend their synergy to strengthen and tone vascular smooth muscles, and indeed the entire physiology.

9. UltraCare PRO Blood Pressure Care Support Premium Supplement For Men and Women Ultracare pro brings to you blood pressure care which is a 100% natural supplement for maintaining your blood pressure and energy levels. These premium supplements are beneficial for both men and women.

10. Ayurvedix Saunf Ark It’s a Natural Ayurvedic Product made with Traditional Distillation Method. It is prepared when the steam passes through the plant material. The combination of heated steam and gentle pressure causes the essential oil to be released from microscopic protective sacs. As the vapor mixture flows through a condenser and cools, it yields a layer of oil.

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