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Diabetes being a very challenging ailment, may require an absolute reversal of your lifestyle altogether. What’s more worrisome is that diabetes is much more prevalent in the middle income and low-income countries than in the rich countries. It is caused when our pancreas are unable to produce as much insulin as required by our body or when our body is not able to effectively use the insulin produced. Fortunately, you can be in the driver’s seat by managing and keeping an eye on what you eat, setting a time for physical movements and workout sessions and most importantly, keeping a close eye on your blood sugar. You can take just a few simple steps right now to ensure a healthier, happier future.

We believe health and wellness is a way of life that can be brought into your mainstream activities with small, growing steps. As for any chronic condition for diabetes as well, one should always be on a watch to prevent diabetes by indulging into a healthier, wellness way of life. Diabetes, as we all know, demands a lot of work and effort on our part. Our ancestors always believed in the consumption of food coming directly from nature. “Such freshness, such nutrition” they’d say. In the supermarket era, we’re involuntarily drawn to processed foods. However, if the foods are like the age-old Chyawanprash that our parents and grandparents trusted our health with since childhood, isn’t it all the more conducive to our journey of having good health? It all boils down to the choices we make at the end of the day be that while purchasing our groceries at the supermarket, the choice to take a car to the local market or to walk, cycling more often to shorter distances instead of taking out the car and following a routine to make it a point to get up early to catch up on some yoga. Steering clear of smoking and tobacco is essential for diabetic patients or the ones in the pre-diabetic stages as it not only raises the risk of diabetes but also cardiovascular diseases.

Managing your weight well is imperative for diabetic patients. Diet goes a long way in managing weight as it helps control other issues such as cholesterol as well. The age long adage of prevention is better than cure stands tall in making wellness the way of life because some diabetic patients, when not paying proper heed to their health end up with vision loss, heart attack, strokes and lower limb amputation. The key is to not wait until you feel the symptoms of something because a number of complications don’t really show signs externally until you’re too far along. Engaging with those in the know, like doctors and experts can help you not only keep a track of the symptoms but also help you pick on these earlier. Pre-diabetes, if dealt with in time, is reversible. Regular check-ups and examinations with doctors is important, especially for patients with severe symptoms.

Managing diabetes, going the family way or managing diabetes the friends/support group way is a great way to go about dealing with chronic diseases. Having the same schedule for the entire family planned out on a chart, inclusive of essentials for even kids and non-diabetic people with material like fatty fish, apple cider vinegar, leafy green vegetables, flax seeds, strawberries, etc not only helps the ones ailing from diabetes but also helps prevention in the elderly not yet showing any symptoms. The vast variety of consumer products available in the market today can help us save a lot of time and effort that we’d spend finding and preparing meals. Making a healthy switch from regular chocolate and candy bars to apple cider vinegar candy bars, going from fried chips and munchies to roasted flax seeds as munchies and snacks that are easily available in the market are probably the easiest switches we can make. Replacing our beanbags and recliners with elements like table tennis tables that get you to your feet is another lifestyle change one can make.

Bottom line, the point is that you don’t necessarily have to kill yourself by running for miles or lifting heavy weight, you can simply switch from using elevators and escalators to stairs. You don’t have to adopt different ways of diets to starve yourself either. You can make your health your priority by inculcating very small but incremental steps.

Come explore a wide range of products with wellness to help strengthen your fight against diabetes!

1. ORGANIC INDIA Sugar Balance: The Organic India Sugar Balance is an all natural and organic way to take charge of your diabetes with goodness of natural ingredients. 100% organic, these capsules are made in India.

2. Nature’s Elements Organic Jamun Seed Powder : Nature’s Elements Jamun Powder: Nature’s elements jamun powder is extracted from pure jamun seeds and pure and organic. The jamun seeds powder has multiple health benefits in Ayurveda medicine and helps in various problems such as heart, digestion, diabetes etc.

3. Cureveda™ Herbal Gluco Guide For Endocrine Health & Diabetes Control Herbal Gluco Guide pack contains 60 tablets that help with controlling diabetes as well as for endocrine health. It shows its best results with regular use. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet for better results.

4. Biotic Neem, Karela, Gurmar, Baelpatra & Jamun Seed Powder for Diabetes Biotic natural products bring you 100% natural herbs without preservatives: Neem Leaf Powder, Karela Powder, Gurmar Powder, Baelpatra Powder and Jamun Seed Powder – 100 gms each.

5. ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control – Diabetes Care | Diabetic Food Product To Control Diabetes Naturally ActiFiber Natural Sugar Control has Zero Additives & Preservatives and is 100% Sugar-Free. It is Easy-to-Consume and can be mixed with any food or beverage you love. It dissolves easily with no taste, odour or colour thus fitting into your regular diet effortlessly.

6. Pro360 Diabetic Protein Powder Nutrition Health Drink For Diabetes Care – No Added Sugar (Chocolate)
Pro360 Diabetic protein powder chocolate flavored nutritional drink consists of all vital ingredients required for the body to manage the blood sugar level. Tri-protein formula along with being rich in fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, provides an amazing dose of protein as well.

7. ALPMADHU Liquid | Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine | Sugar Control | Blood Glucose Regulator 25 AYURVEDIC ALP MADHU liquid is a comprehensive oral anti hyperglycemic formula based on different potent herbs. This unique formulation manufactured by ANCIENT AYURVEDIC MANUFACTURING PROCESS of using raw herbs and not extracts is a combination of 25 VITAL HERBS known to Ayurveda for controlling blood sugar.

8. Vokin Biotech Herbal Insulux For Endocrine Health & Diabetes Control Herbal Insulux are veggie ingestion capsules in a pack of 60 Capsules that help control diabetes.

9. Sky Fruit Peeled (20 gms) Natural Way to control diabetes Natural sky fruit peeled seeds are a great way to balance blood sugar levels and hence, maintain diabetes. They also help tackle a few more ailments in a natural and harmless manner.

10. Insulif Anti Diabetic Tea for Reverse Diabetes Using Herbal No dust, no fannings: our teas are processed in a manner that minimizes drying – consequently, our teas ensure that the flavour components are retained to the maximum extent giving you a more flavoursome experience.

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