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There is a reason why earlier generations were always much more active even in later years of their life than kids as early as in their 20s these days are. “Eat good food children, not the unhealthy treats that you hog on to night and day”, they say. Long gone are those days and those farm fresh ways. Stuck as it is, we are in this era of supermarkets and conglomerates, we often find ourselves drawn to processed and junk food. I remember walking up and down the candy aisle in the malls until my mom bought me some. What to do? How can we get healthy with such habits as ours?

I remember even a decade earlier, my parents fed me Chyawanprash with milk every evening. I was fed spinach soup topped with crunchy bread crumbs because ‘that’s how Popeye the sailor man gets his stealthy structure and biceps’. Honestly, even in my 20s, if I’m offered such foods in forms that make it easier to go with my super-hectic schedule and much more delicious than those leafy green veggies taste, I’d pounce at it the very first chance I get! Diabetes is on an-upward trajectory and many of us, even in our 20s have become much more prone to it.

Do you know a big part of this problem can be tackled by just choosing the right things to eat? You heard that right! Food is in fact a remedy. It boils down to the choices we make at the end of the day. What if I told you that there is, in fact, a way to eat healthy, keeping the flavours intact that too at your convenience?

Let me introduce you to 5 SUPERFOODS FOR DIABETES for keeping your sugar levels in check:

  1. PUMPKIN SEEDS – We have all witnessed the steamy aroma of pumpkin pie fresh from the oven or sabzi cooking on the stove. Did you know the pumpkin seeds we discard while cooking, are in fact full of macromolecules? Rich in magnesium, these macromolecules are excellent in managing blood sugar. You can simply roast them for snacking or blend along with fruits into smoothies and voila, tasty food for good health!
  2. CHIA SEEDS – I’m sure you all must be familiar with those jiggly, jelly-like small seeds topped onto your juice and smoothie. They are called chia seeds which are a rich source of antioxidants and magnesium. They help counter diabetes and its complications and are almost like an elixir for patients of diabetes. You can simply top your breakfast cereal or yogurt with it or use their jelly-like consistency as a substitute for eggs and there’s a healthy happy regime!
  3. NUTS– An ounce of nuts a day can keep the doctors away! For real, daily consumption of nuts for the needs of fat can be an antidote to your diabetes. The key is to substitute the other sources of carbs and fats with healthier alternatives. Munching on roasted nuts for evening chai snacking or having them before gym for energy sources and you’re all set for good health!
  4. WHOLE GRAINS– The next time you go grocery shopping and diabetes is the elephant in the room for you, make sure to check for the ingredients. Whole grains are a must have for you in your cabinet. In addition to great fibre content, they’re rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Whether it is delicious, veggie laden oats or simply morning muesli, top it with your favourite fruits and toppings and you’re good to go!
  5. GREEK YOGURT – Slightly higher on the protein content than the regular yogurt, Greek yogurt without any added sugars, is a great option for diabetic patients. With a flavourful creamy texture, it provides various valuable nutrients and probiotics. Simply get plain, fat-free yogurt and add berries for the flavours and sweetness and there’s a happy, healthy snacking trail!

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